About Nottingham BID

Nottingham Business Improvement District (BID) was formed in 2012 following the merger of the city’s retail and leisure BIDs. It was recently successful in securing the votes required for a new five year term from 2021 to 2025, after receiving an overwhelming backing of businesses in Nottingham. 92% of eligible businesses voted in favour by number, with 89% voting in favour by rateable value, representing a 46% turnout.

What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is an organisation which delivers a range of projects and activities in consultation with businesses within a defined geographic area. Businesses within that area vote, via a ballot, on whether they want a BID. Assuming that a BID receives a majority vote at ballot, the businesses within the area then pay a levy based on their rateable value, with that money spent on services that they believe will benefit their business and the area. BIDs are not for profit organisations.

A BID company has a maximum term of five years before businesses are balloted again to ask if they would like the BID to continue.

About Nottingham BID

Nottingham BID is one of the largest BIDs in the country with over 800 members and an annual income of over £1 million per year. Its members are businesses and organisations in the retail, leisure, office and education sectors within a defined area of Nottingham city centre – the BID Zone.

Nottingham BID’s aim is to put Nottingham firmly on the map as a regional and national city of choice for shopping, leisure, work and study, building on what it achieved in its first term. This will be achieved by delivering a range of initiatives which are driven and shaped by BID members.

It’s in Nottingham is the brand used by Nottingham BID to promote the city to consumers.  This includes delivering campaigns and events throughout the year as well as having a dedicated website and social media accounts.

Board of Directors

The operation and management of Nottingham BID is overseen by a Board of Directors. The composition of the Board reflects the BID’s membership with Directors drawn from the retail, leisure, office and education sectors.

Nottingham BID has a designated BID Manager and operational team who report to the Board.

BID Membership

Businesses within the area shown on the map below with a rateable value of £25,000 +, are automatically made members of Nottingham BID. Members benefit from the services and campaigns outlined in the ‘What We Deliver’ section of this website, they are also eligible to vote at the ballot, which takes place every five years. At the ballot they are able to decide whether or not they wish for the BID to continue. These businesses are also given the opportunity to help shape what Nottingham BID delivers according to what is of most benefit to them. 

The BID levy in 2019 was calculated at 1.39% of the rateable value of the business premises. Businesses within Managed Centre and Charitable organisations pay 60% of this amount. The BID levy percentage increases 3% annually.

Businesses who are not automatically members of the BID can opt in to benefit from the services and campaigns the BID provides by becoming a Friend of Nottingham BID (see below).

BID Zone

Become 'A Friend of Nottingham BID'

Nottingham BID has extended many of the benefits enjoyed by its members to other businesses in the city centre by creating an Affiliate scheme. This is available to businesses whose premises fall outside the BID zone but are still within the city centre, as well as to those that are in the BID zone but whose rateable value is below the threshold for automatic membership and payment of the BID levy (currently £25,000).

As a Friend of Nottingham BID, businesses will be afforded the same advantages and opportunities available to existing members, with the exception of an opportunity to vote at ballot. This way, business can still participate with the BID and help to shape an even brighter future for our city in a non voting capacity.

Businesses located outside the area, or inside the BID area and below the minimum rateable value of £25,000, can become a Friend of Nottingham BID for an annual cost. In 2019 this was calculated as 1.37% of rateable value with a minimum cost of £342.50 plus VAT, which is the minimum price a business would pay if they were automatically a member of the BID.

Find out more about becoming a Friend of Nottingham BID by emailing info@nottinghambid.com.


Late Night Levy Exemption

For those businesses that fall below our threshold of £25,000, Nottingham BID will pay their Late Night Levy. This ensures that all licensed premises within the area are competing on an equal footing and encourages the growth of independent leisure premises in Nottingham.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Nottingham BID will refund the amount of late night levy charged to a business if they are within the BID zone and under the £25,000 rateable value threshold - if they join the Friend of Nottingham BID scheme as detailed above.
  • Membership covers the year (January - December) and membership of the scheme must be renewed annually
  • The late night levy refund will only apply to the year in which it is charged while the company is a Friend of Nottingham BID and refunds cannot be backdated to previous years
  • To claim a refund of the late night levy a copy of the levy must be sent to Nottingham BID along with an invoice for Nottingham BID to pay to them 
  • Payments will then be made 30 days after receipt of invoice with required details
  • Invoices can only be processed after payment has been received for Friend of Nottingham BID membership
  • This offer is part of Nottingham BID's current term, which has been extended to 31 March 2021.
  • Nottingham BID must have received payment for Friend of Nottingham BID membership before 31 March 2021 to qualify for this offer
  • Invoices and copies of the late night levy must be received no late than the 31 March 2021.


Board of Directors

The operation and management of Nottingham is overseen by a Board of Directors. The composition of...

The BID Team

The team at Nottingham BID dedicate their time to making sure the business runs as smoothly and...