Big Energy Saving Week 17-22 January 2022

Here at It's in Nottingham, we want Nottingham to become a greener healthier city, which is why we launched our Green City one-stop resource on our website – now with a Health kick! We didn’t want to stop there. Oh no, we looked further afield and found awareness days and weeks which we felt applied to the Green Healthy cause and wanted to see how Nottingham could participate.

First up – Big Energy Saving Week

We all know that climate change is impacting the world in which we live, and we are all looking for ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint, reduce the plastic we use and live a more sustainable life without it costing the earth! 

Big Energy Saving Week is about just that. Ways in which you can save energy, which in turns helps the planet and could also end up saving us money. So, how can you save energy in your daily routine? We’ve pulled together a few ideas which we feel will help towards making Nottingham a greener, healthier city and ultimately help it reach the target of becoming carbon neutral by 2028.

Walking to Work

Sometimes the smallest things are the hardest to change. When the mornings are dark and grey, it’s easy to take the tram or bus all the way to work or jump in the car and drive. 

If walking all the way to work is not practical, why not use public transport but jump off one or two stops early and walk the rest of the way in? Making this small step is a great way to start that new habit and before you know it, you’ll be walking the whole way into work. Other benefits are your daily step count will be higher, you’ll arrive at work with a clear head and maybe even a coffee (in your reusable cup of course!) from one of the fabulous coffee shops along the way.


Unplug your laptop when you leave the office
We are all guilty of it, but if everyone made this one little change, we could all make a big difference. It might not necessarily save that energy or reduce your electricity bills by large amounts, but it will help prolong the life of your laptop, which means you won’t need to buy another one so soon, which will also save you having that head scratching moment of not knowing what to do with your old laptop when it goes kaput!


Use a power bank to charge your phone or laptop
Instead of always plugging your phone or laptop into the plug on the wall, why not invest in a power bank and charge it from that instead? Power banks can help you reduce the amount of energy you use and are also useful for keeping your electronic devices topped up whilst you’re on the move.

Reduce your home thermostat by two degrees
It might sound crazy for us to tell you to turn down the heating at home when it’s the middle of winter, but by doing this you will help reduce your home heating bills and in turn reduce the amount of energy you use. Better still, why not turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees again when you leave for the day, as there’s no point in heating an empty home? This way, you save even more money and reduce your carbon footprint even further. Double win!


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