It’s in Nottingham Consumer Brand

It’s in Nottingham is the consumer brand delivered by Nottingham BID to promote Nottingham city centre and highlight member businesses as part of the Promoted City stream of delivery.


It’s in Nottingham has a dedicated website. This provides information on current and upcoming campaigns, a city centre shopping directory and a blog that is regularly updated with engaging content and articles.

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It’s in Nottingham interacts digitally with consumers through its selection of social media channels. This includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The platforms are updated throughout the day with local news, information from BID members, events and campaigns. The content regularly includes digital elements such as photos, videos, audio segments and website links.

There are currently over 45,000 followers across the three channels.

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A regular e-newsletter is sent to the It’s in Nottingham database which currently totals over 11,000 people. This contains useful information on upcoming campaigns and events, new discounts and offers and city centre opportunities, as well as links to the It’s in Nottingham website.

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There are a variety of ways that businesses can get involved in, and take advantage of, the It’s in Nottingham brand. Businesses can opt to donate a ‘10am Treat’, which is a competition run every morning during campaigns through the social media channels, with consumers able to win a prize each day. Businesses can also send details of any offers or events they have taking place which they would like to highlight, as well as taking part in the It’s in Nottingham calendar of events and campaigns, such as Nottingham in Fashion, the Independents initiative and Food and Drink.

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