Message from City Licensing

What Your Venue Can Do to Help Tackle Spiking

There is an increase of reported cases of this nature across the country so it’s not just Nottingham that is suffering. This possibly could be because of our huge student population and the large amount of new drinkers this brings into our city but in any event it is still very concerning.

We would like you to help us ensure that we capture the best evidence possible when an incident is reported to you by doing the following:

  • Obtain full details of the person reporting the incident (name, address, DoB, contact telephone number). 
  • Obtain full details of the affected person (name, address, DoB, contact telephone number).  Please include a description of what they are wearing as officers will want to track them on your CCTV;
  • Description of the suspected person, if known
  • Approximate time of incident
  • Location within the premises where they believe it occurred
  • Wherever possible secure the drinking vessel(s) that is suspected as containing the ‘drug’ so this can be tested at a later time.

Obviously we want to try and prevent these type of incidents from occurring in your premises and ask that all premises that have metal detector wands use them.  If you currently only do random searchers with wands, please try to raise this to full searches or at least increase the frequency of the searches.

Please also ensure that you regularly check your toilets, both male and female, as some affected persons have been found in these areas feeling unwell.   We also ask you to remind your staff about ‘Ask for Angela’ in order for them to be aware what to do if they are approached.

Do you have any ‘anti-spiking’ resources?  If you do please actively promote them.  It’s no good having them if your customers don’t know about them.  Simply leaving them on the bar is not always the best way for them to be utilised.

When was the last time you checked your CCTV system was recording correctly and producing images of evidential quality?   As part of your due diligence checks at the start of each trading period, please include your CCTV. A camera could become out of focus or someone could unwittingly have moved a piece of furniture to obscure a camera. There is no excuse for a poorly maintained system.  Your CCTV could be the key to us detecting and preventing future spikings.  If you are asked by us, or any officer, to provide CCTV images please do so promptly.

Finally, please put out communications on your social media sites informing customers what measures are being introduced to keep them safe whilst in your premises and what to expect when they arrive. By doing this it will reassure your customers, they will see that you are being proactive and that we are all taking this seriously.

Most importantly don’t forget if its reported to you, then report it straight to the police – don’t delay.  There is a small window of opportunity to obtain forensic evidence from a person who believes they have been subject to some form of spiking. 

By working together let’s make our night time economy as safe as possible for people to come and enjoy their night out and not be afraid of what might happen because of what they have read or heard.

Thank you all for your assistance.

Licensing Enforcement Officer

City Area Licensing Team

Central Police Station

Byron House


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