Nov 2015

« NewsNottingham BID Launches New Yoohopp Website Encouraging Shoppers to Browse, Buy and Collect from the City.

The future of shopping begins in Nottingham this autumn with the launch of YOOHOPP.

YOOHOPP is a pioneering new Click and Collect website being launched by the Nottingham Business Improvement District (BID) that aims to revolutionise the way people shop. YOOHOPP brings the whole of the city centre into customers’ own homes on just one website enabling them to browse and buy items at national chains AND independent stores from the comfort of the sofa.
People can then collect orders in store at a convenient time, thus avoiding the queues and making the whole shopping experience much quicker and easier.
Nicola Tidy, from the Nottingham BID explained: “Click and Collect is obviously available at many stores, but YOOHOPP is a first for the UK and Nottingham is taking the lead. Once launched here it will then be introduced in other towns and cities.”
“The service gives instant access to the latest ranges at hundreds of great national chains as well as brilliant independent stores in the city.”

“It saves on time and effort by allowing users to browse thousands of items from all sorts of stores in Nottingham at the same time on one easy-to-use website. They then simply collect in store at their own convenience, making it perfect for fans of both the online and traditional shopping experience.”
Click and Collect already accounts for some 35% of all online shopping with retail experts predicting that figure will rise to a massive 76% by 2017. But YOOHOPP is being hailed as the ideal platform for fans of shop local.

Nicola added: “The site encourages people to come into the city to pick up their purchases, and the search facility can also suggest fresh and unusual ideas from our quirky independent businesses.
“People will be able to head into Nottingham safe in the knowledge that their orders are ready and waiting, leaving them more time to enjoy the city’s other attractions – including great coffee shops, restaurants and bars, as well as exciting events and family activities.”
• Saves time as there’s no need to visit numerous stores scouring the shelves for a product – simply insert search terms on the website and click.
• Enables people to make price comparisons.
• Supports the local high street, including independent family businesses who rely on local customers.
• No need to join the throngs in Nottingham on a busy Saturday – shopping can be picked up in a matter of minutes during a lunch break or after work instead.
• Customers can avoid Christmas shopping rage this year – instead, they’ll be able to sit down with a glass of wine in front of the fire at home and browse at their leisure.
• No need to worry about a home delivery not turning up on time or not being around to answer the door for the postman, YOOHOPP means customers are in control of when they pick up their purchases.
• Browse unique products not available elsewhere. Nottingham has the highest concentration of independent businesses outside London, offering brilliant one-off ranges and exclusive items.
• Shoppers can take advantage of the time saved using YOOHOPP to see a show, catch a film or have a meal out in our vibrant city.
There will also be exclusive promotions on the site, including big discounts on parking and fantastic offers at local restaurants.

Lynn Oxborrow, retail expert at Nottingham Trent University said: “YOOHOPP is an innovative concept in shopping that supports businesses, consumers and the local community. Research shows that shoppers make additional purchases when they ‘Click and Collect’, but a co-ordinated service like YOOHOPP also means greater convenience when located close to work and leisure facilities, and could reduce the environmental and cost impact of last mile deliveries to individual addresses. That way, everyone can benefit.”

Brian Skelhorn, founder & managing director of florists AA Andersons of Nottingham, one of the independent businesses that is getting involved in YOOHOPP said:

“We are one of Nottingham’s longest established independents and we’re very excited about the launch of YOOHOPP. Click and collect shopping is fast becoming a growing trend in the UK and we have many customers that either live or work locally to our shop in the heart of the city centre. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t want to hang around waiting for your order to be made up. With this new service you can order online, pay on your card via Paypal which is safe and secure. Your order is transmitted to us instantly, so we can get busy preparing for gift ready for you to collect. We can even have it ready within an hour of placing your order. You can also search by product type such as ideas for gifts for him or her.”

“As a business we benefit too. It helps new people discover our business enabling us to reach new customers who use online shopping and hopefully securing repeat business with them too. Also being positioned alongside the nationals helps us to gain brand recognition. It enables us to streamline our operations too, as we can prepare more orders in advance, giving us more time to spend with walk in customers.”