Managed City

One of the key objectives of Nottingham BID, is to improve the city centre experience for its visitors and businesses. Nottingham BID supports a wide range of initiatives to create a pleasant, safe and accessible environment through its Managed City stream of delivery.

Street Pastors

The Street Pastors, who Nottingham BID help to fund, provide valuable on-street support in the city centre on a Friday and Saturday night looking after vulnerable people after enjoying a night out. This in turn helps take the pressure off the Police and Medical Services who can devote their time and resources elsewhere. Their support is highly valued, not only by the people they support, but by businesses operating in the city, the Police and the Emergency Services.

Taxi Marshals

Nottingham BID fund the Taxi Marshals, who manage Taxi Ranks across the city centre on a Friday and Saturday night. Their role is to help people get home safely after a night out or to get home from work.  The Taxi Marshals operate until 4am on the nights they are in place, along with providing support on Bank Holiday Sundays and the Christmas & New Year period.

Nottingham BID are maximising the impact the Taxi Marshals have by exploring other key times for the night time economy where this resource can help make a difference. One night we have identified where this service could possibly make a difference is Wednesday night, which is an incredibly busy night for the large student population in the city.

Grot Spot Cleaning

In conjunction with Nottingham City Council, Nottingham BID implemented a rapid urban clean up service for the city centre. This gives members of the BID access to a special hotline, which they can use to contact the Council’s Cleansing Team about any unsightly areas they discover upon their arrival to their workplace in the morning.

This initiative includes investment in a number of new machines for pavement washing, chewing gum and graffiti removal, all of which are operated by the council.

Nottingham BID’s own Street Ambassador Team also offer assistance with graffiti removal via specially sourced wipes and materials, which can be used to remove the main types of graffiti found on business frontages. Please contact your Street Ambassador if you require assistance with graffiti removal.

To report a Grot Spot – Call 0115 8762866

For help with graffiti removal – Email


Nottingham BID are passionate about increasing the footfall and dwell time in the city centre and understand how public transport and parking have a major influence on this. Nottingham BID aims to build on the existing transport in place, by ensuring that the city’s transport offering is well communicated and easily understandable so visitors can travel to the BID area easily.

Urban Intervention

Nottingham BID aims to take full advantage of the thriving urban landscape in the city, by holding annual innovative schemes to enhance the overall city centre experience for consumers. By doing this, Nottingham BID hopes it will attract more people to the city.

Previous Urban Intervention Schemes have included an Award-winning Floral Trail, which saw planted wicker sculptures dotted across the city, giant topiary sculptures and a Large Purple Sofa placed in the city.

Nottingham also saw three giant Dinosaurs stomp their way into the city as part of a Dinosaur trail. This was to support the Dinosaurs of China exhibition, which was in Nottingham over the summer of 2017.

Vacant retail units across the city are covered where possible, with decorative and/or informative designs. By placing these on the frontage, it can help detract from the fact that the unit is empty, to help create a more desirable shopping destination with the aim of increasing footfall.

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