Managed City

A safe and welcoming city centre environment became essential as the city came out of lockdown, to reassure people to return. We aim to build on the work achieved throughout this period, to improve the city centre experience for everyone. Nottingham BID supports a wide range of initiatives to create a pleasant, safe and accessible environment through its Managed City stream of delivery.

Purple Flag

Purple Flag is a town and city centre award – similar to the Blue Flag for beaches or Green Flag for parks – which aims to raise the standard and broaden the appeal of town and city centres in the evening and night time.

A team of independent assessors review a number of aspects of the city’s night time offer on a yearly basis, including the policing, stewarding and messaging within bars, restaurants, shops, car parks, theaters, signage and public transport.

The Purple Flag accreditation indicates that Nottingham city centre is a safe and vibrant place to enjoy a great night out. Nottingham BID takes the lead on securing this accreditation working alongside the Police. There are a number of activities organised by Nottingham BID which helps the city achieve Purple Flag status.

Training for the Night Time Economy (NTE)

Safety of Women at Night (SWaN)

Safety of Women at Night (SWaN)

Nottingham BID has launched The Safe Space Pledge, a new initiative to send a clear message to anyone who lives, works, studies or visits Nottingham that the safety of all women and girls is a priority.

The Safe Space Pledge provides eight clear actions and commitments Nottingham venues can take to improve the safety of women and girls within their premises. By signing up to the pledge, businesses show their acknowledgement of the issue and that they are ready to get proactive in improving women's safety and experience. Click here to view the pledge.

As part of the projectNottingham BID and partners is rolling out a free training programme to support businesses in the night time economy, including entertainment providers - such as cinemas, indoor golf centres, escape rooms, and F&B, when facing these incidents.

The training focuses on:

  • Impact of sexual harassment on women and girls in the night-time economy, including public transport
  • Overview of how employees can respond in a range of scenarios
  • Reporting sexual harassment 
  • Bystander intervention
  • Provide information on Nottingham's approach.

If you are interested in receiving the free training for your staff, please register your interest with Nottingham BID by emailing

Business Liaison Officers

Nottingham BID Business Liaison Officers

Nottingham BID Business Liaison Officers

Our team of Business Liaison Officers provide a daily presence around the BID area, offering a friendly welcome to members of the public, liaising with BID members, monitoring the street environment and reporting issues as they arise.

Street Pastors

Nottingham Street Pastors supported by Nottingham BID

Nottingham Street Pastors supported by Nottingham BID

The Street Pastors, who Nottingham BID help to fund, provide valuable on-street support in the city centre on a Friday and Saturday night looking after vulnerable people after enjoying a night out. This in turn helps take the pressure off the Police and Medical Services who can devote their time and resources elsewhere. Their support is highly valued, not only by the people they support, but by businesses operating in the city, the Police and the Emergency Services.

Defibrillators & Medical Kits

Richard Johal, one of the BID Directors with the Defibrillator on Standard Hill

Richard Johal, one of the BID Directors with the Defibrillator on Standard Hill

Maintaining the six installed Defibrillators across the city to ensure Nottingham remains a Heart Safe city,  as well as continuing to provide stop the bleed medical kits to businesses along with free training to staff.

The Defibrillators can be found in the following locations:

Grot Spot Cleaning

Grot Spot Cleaning

Grot Spot Cleaning

In conjunction with Nottingham City Council, Nottingham BID implemented a rapid urban clean up service for the city centre. This gives levy payers access to a special email address, which they can use to contact the council’s cleansing team about any unsightly areas they discover upon their arrival to their workplace in the morning.

This initiative includes investment in a number of new machines for pavement washing, chewing gum and graffiti removal, all of which are operated by the council.

How to report street cleaning through council website

Step 1.

Go to the web page below.

Step 2.

I recommend creating an account as it allows the council to report back when things have been actioned. However you can continue without an account.

Step 3.

Enter the location of the cleansing issue that needs reporting.

Step 4.

Once a location has been entered, a box will appear below the map which allows you to add details of the issue you want to report. You then have an option to input your email address so that updates can be sent. Press submit when all required details are filled in. You will then see a screen that has a case number for the job you’ve reported. Usually starts with FS. See below.

The above is a guide to reporting issues regarding street cleaning, however the website can be used to report various different things from Anti-social behaviour to pest, pollution and hygiene.

The above is a guide to reporting issues regarding street cleaning, however the website can be used to report various different things from Anti-social behaviour to pest, pollution and hygiene.


Nottingham BID also offers assistance with graffiti removal via specially sourced wipes and materials, which can be used to remove the main types of graffiti found on business frontages. Please contact your Business Liaison Officer if you require assistance with graffiti removal.

To report a Grot Spot – email:

For help with graffiti removal – email:

Vacant Unit Branding

Ensuring vacant units are covered where possible, leading to a more positive city experience.

Environment & Sustainability

Nottingham BID is committed to being greener in the projects and services it takes forward, and aims to bring elements of this into the city with projects supporting sustainability, recycling and plastic reduction.

Safe Space Pledge

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