Working City

Nottingham BID will continue to work closely with the city’s office sector to promote wellness, connectivity and provide a platform that makes working in the heart of Nottingham an exciting and beneficial opportunity, for employees and employers alike.

Advocate For Business

Advocate for Business

Advocate for Business

Over the years, Nottingham BID have established a strong track record of representing the interests of Nottingham’s business community. Nottingham BID will continue to work as an Ambassador for this sector of the city’s community, along with ensuring all businesses have the opportunity to have their views heard on any city centre issues, which may directly or indirectly affect them.


The Big Lunch

Nottingham Big Lunch

Nottingham Big Lunch

Wellness in the workplace has become more important than ever and Nottingham BID has extend wellbeing support for city centre employees to include initiatives such as walking clubs, green spaces and mental health awareness projects.

As part of our wellness strategy, we also plan to continue with The Big Lunch, offering free lunches to office sector employees; encouraging them to step away from the desk to enjoy the city’s lunchtime offerings.


Networking Opportunities

Connecting people back to the city centre following COVID-19 is crucial. We will provide key networking opportunities for businesses to ensure up-to-date information on our city is spread across all sectors.


Environment and Sustainability

Nottingham aims to be carbon neutral by 2028. That means the city needs to reduce its emissions as close to zero as possible, then offset any remaining emissions to become carbon neutral. With everyone’s help our city can become the first city in the UK to achieve this and only the second in Europe to do so.

There’s a lot of information out there and working towards a better, greener future can seem overwhelming. Our aim is to support you on your own green journey by raising awareness about climate change, sharing information and encouraging positive actions.


Safe and Secure

Through the Managed City projects including the Street Pastors and the Grot Spot Cleaning Service, Nottingham BID are dedicated to ensuring Nottingham City Centre is a safe, clean environment for people who live, work and study in the city.



With over 65,000 students choosing Nottingham as their place to study, Nottingham BID aims to make that journey an enjoyable and safe one. Working with our members and both Universities to bring the latest student offers, creating a safe environment and making Nottingham a place they call home.

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