Working City

One of the key aims of Nottingham BID, is to widen the engagement and interaction with the city centres workers and students. We want to show them how much of a valued part of the city centre community they are.

More Nottingham

Nottingham BID introduced the MORE Nottingham discount card scheme, to support city businesses and reward city centre workers.

MORE Nottingham, provides people with over 80 exclusive offers and discounts and numerous stores, bars and restaurants across the city centre. The offers are redeemed by showing the card a point of purchase.

The MORE Nottingham scheme currently has over 2,280 users signed up using the card, enjoying over 80 offers provided by retailers across the city of Nottingham.


Student Campaign

With two major universities in the city - Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham - the student population is a key economic driver for the city. Nottingham BID is building close links with the universities and the students of the city, by helping create exciting and appealing campaigns and initiatives. The aim is to ensure that students have a great experience whilst studying in the city, which in turn will encourage graduates to remain living and working in the city once they have completed their studies.


Advocate For Business

Over the years, Nottingham BID have established a strong track record of representing the interests of Nottingham’s business community. Nottingham BID will continue to work as an Ambassador for this sector of the city’s community, along with ensuring all businesses have the opportunity to have their views heard on any city centre issues, which may directly or indirectly affect them.


Safe and Secure

Through the Managed City projects including the Street Pastors, Taxi Marshals and the Grot Spot Cleaning Service, Nottingham BID are dedicated to ensuring Nottingham City Centre is a safe, clean environment for people who live, work and study in the city.


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One of the key objectives of Nottingham BID, is to improve the city centre experience for its...

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