The Owls are Back in Town!

In autumn of last year, the city saw ten beautifully decorated owls take up residency in various parts of the city to form The Nottingham Wise Owl Walk – an interactive walk organised by Nottingham Business Improvement District (BID) to showcase the city and the fantastic offerings we have here in Nottingham. The trail was popular with a number of people and attracted visitors from all over the East Midlands, helping to increase dwell time in different parts of the city.

Due to the popularity of the owls, Nottingham BID are delighted to announce that the colourful owls will be making a return to the city this September and will be on display at Nottingham Train Station for all to see.

All ten owls, each one unique with a Nottingham themed name, will be on display under the cover of the main foyer, leading into the tram terminus at Nottingham Train Station from Friday 3 September to Sunday 3 October 2021, providing a cheerful welcome for visitors, daily commuters and to those visiting the city for The Nottingham Ale Train - the latest project from Nottingham BID.

The Nottingham Ale coincides with the wise owls and is a month-long campaign to highlight the great range of cask ales we have available at the pubs and bars in Nottingham city centre. There will be six themed trails named after a well-known friend of foe of Nottingham’s favourite outlaw, Robin Hood for people to follow. These are featured in maps and cards produced by Nottingham BID, that are free for people to pick up at any of the participating venues or Nottingham Tourism and Travel Centre.

Lucy Stanford, Director of Operations at Nottingham BID commented: “The owls were a great hit with visitors and families last year, so we are delighted to have this opportunity with Nottingham Train Station to sprovide another opportunity for people to enjoy the colourful creations. By creating experiences, such as The Wise Owl Walk and The Nottingham Ale Trail we hope to encourage more people to come into the city centre to shop, eat and drink and take advantage of the fantastic offers that we have here in the city centre.”

Whilst Daniel Hughes, Area Stations Manager from East Midlands Railway said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for East Midlands Railway to host the owl’s at Nottingham Train Station this September to support with The Nottingham Ale Trail. As a key transport hub, we’re keen to encourage people to utilise public transport to access the city whilst providing a lasting impression on those using the station as a doorway into the city centre.”

The owls were created by Wild in Art, who were the creatives behind the popular trail of robins that formed ‘Hoodwinked: A Twist on the Tale’ of the legendary Robin Hood stories. 

The name of the owls is:

  • The Sheriff of Nottinghoot
  • Mrs Bramley Southowl
  • Carousowl
  • Ey Up Duck!
  • Lacey
  • Little John
  • Sherwood the Wise Owl
  • Rock Chick
  • Goose Fair
  • Raleigh Apple


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